Sold Properties

Address 8429 U.S. 52 S Morven

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 06/30/2020

Address 930 Vaughn Lane Chesterfield

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 04/28/2020

Buyer: More Than A Realtor... Let me introduce myself, my name is Tiffany R., and I am a proud homeowner. I never thought I would or could say that but I had someone in my corner that worked with me, believed in me, and above all educated me. Her name is Mrs. Brenda McMillian. Our first initial meeting was over lunch at our local Waffle House. I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, but I knew it was going to be alright. She welcomed me with a smile. She introduced herself and the company she represented. There was not one question left, no stone unturned by the end of our meeting. To make a long story short, if I could do it all over again and choose another realtor I would still choose her. I learned so much in the process of homeownership. She's like a momma bird that feeds her chicks and when they are ready she pushes them out of the nest. Not because she want you to fall but because she knows her stuff and she knows when you are ready to fly. I trusted her and now I have my home. My Home. And will trust her if I ever decide to sell (never). Oh, and she will become apart of your family. So like it or not Mrs. Brenda you are stuck with us (me and my little family). We can never thank you enough!!! Not every process is the same, but someone once told me, "Don't sweat unless I sweat". Gratefully, 1st Time Homeowner "

Address 1762 Haileys Ferry Road Lilesville

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 02/12/2020

Seller: Brenda Mcmillian. I can’t say enough good things about her. Brenda assisted my husband and myself when we purchased our home back in 2007 as well as assisted in selling a home. She is very knowledgeable, polite, professional and I can only go and on. If you are in need of a realtor to help you purchase a home or sell a home, you truly have a winner on your side by choosing Brenda Mcmillian. Thank you Brenda for all of your continued help over the years.

Address 1095 Martin Road #6437 Wadesboro

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 05/31/2019

Buyer: " We are very pleased to have Brenda as our realtor. She listened and understood what we desired in a property. She worked very hard to find what we were looking for. All the way through, she took care of what needed to be done. She communicated extremely well, either phone, email, didn't seem to matter she was on top of it. We can not thank her enough for helping us find the property we are going to enjoy. "

Address 3456 Walkup Avenue Monroe

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 05/16/2019

Seller: She is one of the best realtors I know, very helpful, knowledgeable. She's a 5 star realtor.

Address 123 Hasty Road Peachland

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 04/26/2019

Address 715 Morven Road Wadesboro

Sold By Brenda McMillian

Date 02/06/2019

Buyers: " Working with Brenda was an outstanding experience! From start to finish she was attentive, professional, organized, and detail-oriented. She always made herself available, patiently answered every question, and made sure we were well informed every step of the way.​Brenda also tenaciously advocated for us, especially when we began to encounter problems with the unresponsive and unprofessional listing agent on the property we ended up buying. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants a real estate professional to truly partner with them throughout the entire home buying process! Working with Brenda was an outstanding experience! "